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Who can help me with the title of this hooror movie from late 70ties or early 80ties ?

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Movie type: Horror
Release date (in europe): end of the 70ties maybe early 80s

What I remember: movie starts with a crashing helicopter because there is a kind of killing gas in the air killing the pilote.
(earlier mostly all other people living in that area a gone or became zombies)
Helicopter passenger = a man = main character can inject himselve with a serum and survives the crash.
During daylight there is no problem, man lives in the city, can collect resources, food, fule, ammo etc and can arrange defence of his appartment by putting booby traps and light projectors around his appartment.
During the night, a sort of zombies, not able to withstand light, crawl out of their holes and hunt down all remaining people.
The zombies wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the light but when they remove their sunglasses, you don’t see eyeballs but empty holes !
scarry ! The zombies obviously locate the main character and hunt him down. I don’t remember much more nore how the movie end. Does somebody know the title ?? Thanks in advance and looking forward to watching this piece of my chield horror again. CU

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“Maybe “The Omega Man” (1971)?

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you are a movie genious ! and what a timing !! thanks a lot !!!