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What’s the title of this movie

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I watched this movie around 2000-2007. There’s somewhat an abandon town, no sign of living. There’s a creepy baby doll or it might be a baby corps. And there’s a room that seems like a bar with mysterious numbers written with blood all over the room. There’s a gas tank that thrown and hit some man and fell. A woman get a cigarettes in some cigarettes machine box. And apparently it’s not a regular cigarettes, it could melt metal. There’s an explosion in some white wooden house at the river or maybe a cliff.

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zach1234 Selected answer as best Apr 26, 2021

Scène with cigarettes tells me it’s Mind hunters 2004
But I don’t remember other things you mentioned. They can be in here though

Lava Posted new comment May 24, 2021

Omg, that’s it! I just watched the trailer and that’s the exact movie. I have been looking for this movie my whole life. Thank you so much! 👍👍👍

Yay! I’m happy for you)