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we will now have the eulogy which will be delivered by the daughter of the departed susan

i just want to say a few words about my dad to who i owe so much and excuse me yes at the risk of sounding pedantic it’s to whom i owe so much money

who is a subject pronoun your father is evidently the object of the sentence therefore one should use the object pronoun namely whom

pray continue

where to begin there’s so many things we all loved about there are so many things plural

first i’d like to stop firstly what firstly is more formal so i can’t believe you’re interrupting me everyone here is completely disinterested in what you have to say is uninterested disinterested

one has to respect the departed not to mention the english

language more than anything else i remember my father’s sense of huber whether he was at work or down the local pub he would always be holding court and people would literally laugh their heads off i doubt it what i doubt they would literally laugh their heads off that their heads would have become detached from their bodies it seems highly unlikely that your father would ever have said anything that funny vicar you and me are going to fall out you and i let’s

no i’m not putting you off that would end the sentence with a preposition i’m being off-putting how dare you do this to me i am grieving that is my father down there was in past tense he’s dead

for everybody now you just lay there and think about what you’ve done not lay lie you shouldn’t use the transitive

USAG Asked question Jan 16, 2022