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What’s the name of this Show/Series?

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Hi. thanks for reading this

I watched an episode of this show longtime ago. so what I say might be vague.
the show was about this young man, whom experienced something weird. like this: He was driving a car at night, and then he lost his vision and then instead he found himself as a woman at somewhere else in the country(while he was driving).
he had a lab technician friend who was a rock player(guitarist) who just turned 40 I guess.
anyway. the accident of losing his sight repeated another time and then he realized the girl’s city by a cars licensed plate, and he found out that girl was related to a murder which they both knew she was innocent of that crime. and he found her place which I think was a burned down theatre.
at the beginning the girl(whom I think was an actress), didn’t believe that this young man experienced himself being in her body. cause I remember him experiencing the pleasure of a se*ual relationship with a Asian guy I guess(who had kinda long hair).

and this young man was probably married and then without even knowing, he was having an affair and then his wife and kid came in his house in the morning.

that’s it. all I can remember.

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Ali Selected answer as best Jun 22, 2022

It’s an episode of the Masters of Horror tv series(2005-07), called “Chocolate”. It stars Henry Thomas.

Kramerjp Posted new comment Jun 22, 2022

you’re god damn right!
Thank you very much

You’re welcome!