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What’s the name of this movie please? It is a 80s-90s thriller/crime movie .

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It is a 80s-90s thriller/crime movie .
The Scenes that I remember as follows :
1- A young girl who is living with either father or mother or both parents and they get killed by gang or a person with a SNAKE TATTOO . They chase the young girl and she hide somewhere in the house behind bars or behind some stuff and they found her . One person tried to reach too her and slashed her cheek with a knife ,(the snake tattoo was visible on this body or hand when he did that) and leave when the police came .
2- She later get raised by I think either 2 FBI or CIA agents and grow up to get revenge .One or both of the agents die during the movie , one of them get shot and fall into the pool and both the girl and the other agent jump into the pool for him .
3- At the end on the movie ,she is able to get her revenge and kill the people who were responsible for her parents death.

Thanks . Asked question Jun 22, 2021