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What’s the name of this movie please help

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There was a house in woods and a family (mother and daughter) and woman (mother of daughter) invited lover in house and after they got drunk lover beat that young daughter and try to bury her while she was alive. She killed him and his own mother. She was in that house for long time alone and after that guy with kid come by and that young girl (daughter) killed him and opened trunk of that guy car and found boy who was blind due to fire from flame torch. Later they friended up and spoke about themselves and girl tells her history and blind boy tells history to her and he also told that this guy who was driving him in trunk of car burned his face. Later 3 men came to that house and tried to find that blind boy but girl (daughter) hid with him well and she killed all 3 men. After that they ran into house and they ate food etc… and then old woman came and tried to kill them both with shotgun but blind boy killed her and after police came that girl (daughter) helped the boy to get back home by escorting him to police cars. Boy get home and that girl remained in her old abandoned house.

Please if anyone know can suggest title and its a horror movie i think its from 2018 i watched it on pop corn time but i couldnt find it.

Tychus Asked question Jul 9, 2020