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What’s the name of this movie? made late 80s early 2000s

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Alright, let’s do this folks!
WARNING: mentions of sexual assault and suicide.

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid, so it would’ve been made in the late 80s – to mid 2000s because I remember the picture quality was similar to movies of that time frame.
* the family opened up a hotel, but it wasn’t faring well. They had couple kids, the youngest was a daughter.
* at some point, one of their daughters was raped by jock/s and was left in the woods at night, so the family and friends organize a search party – they do find her alive but in hysterics. One of the friends, who was a Black guy, tried to comfort her by telling her that those rapists did not take anything from her, that she remained pure. I think she eventually became unresponsive.
* there was another scene where they tricked the jock/s (who did not know she was still alive) by dressing the victim in all white, pale powder, had her lay down, to scare them/confront them.
* I think the youngest girl was writing journals/books, and she eventually committed suicide by jumping off a roof – the hotel roof maybe?
* there was a reference to radical ideology somewhere and the father was worried his youngest daughter was easily susceptible to outside influence.

It was an interesting movie, I mainly remember the emotional scenes ((It’s not “the virgin suicides”!)) and the dark noir feel to the movie. This is my last ditch effort to find because try all I could, I can’t remember the actors names nor distinctive features to narrow down the movie. Sorry for the awful tags by the way…

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