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What’s the name of this movie? Disney/Friendship/ Early 00’s


Hi everyone, hope someone can help me to identify this movie. I’ve been searching for years and I’m starting to think it was all my imagination lol
Is an old movie (maybe 2003-2005) for kids, probably made by Disney, where two girl friends were neighbors. They were very close but one of them had to move away. One scene I particularly remberber is when one of the girls gets a new phone as her Christmas gift, and when she opened the box, the phone rings and is her best friend, the one who moved away, on the line. I think she was waiting outside of the house, as a Christmas surprise.
I know it’s not a lot of information, but is the best I can give you. I remberber I loved as a kid and I haven’t had success on discovering the name.

Thank you so much for the help!

Emmy Vieira Asked question Mar 29, 2021