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What’s the name of this movie

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This movie was from years ago and was a bit of a sleeper, as no one I know has heard of it. There was a man (psychiatrist, doctor or counselor) whose father hung himself. The man worked at a mental hospital or old age home and met a man who knew his father. He ended up with a journal that had pictures and descriptions of an imaginary world. The only other things I can remember is there was a drawing in the journal of pumpkin berries, there was a river knight or white knight that was like a guardian to the world, but it turned out to just be debris or trash or driftwood and there was some sort of cave or path through some shrubbery with fairies. I’ve been searching for this movie for years, literally.

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pori Selected answer as best Sep 3, 2020

I just remembered that what his father called fairies were actually the cotton seed pods from the trees. Also, the river knight may have been some type of old structure like a scaffold or small tower or something, but when he used his imagination, it looked like a knight.


Yes! Thank you! I was a little off on the fairies and knight, but yes that was the movie! Thank you!

pori Posted new comment Sep 3, 2020

You’re welcome!