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What’s the name of this movie?

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Foreign Movie where 3 guys rob a bank and blond hair bank robber sends accomplice outside to check on getaway driver. But getaway driver accidentally hits accomplice with getaway car and bank robbery money flys in the air and go everywhere. Then they tried to rob a convenience store. While one robber runs outside to the gas pump, he accidentally gets hit by 2 men. When the 2 men realize the guy they hit just has on a mask and just robbed the store, they pick up the guns on the ground and pretend to be cops and robs the other guy who was coming out convenience store. After 2 unsuccessful robberies, the blond hair robber visits his father and asks to borrow some money. His father bursts out laughing and call him pathetic and ask, “What…you want me to pay for the getaway car now!”

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jul 28, 2020

what language was it in? was it a fairly new film?