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what’s the name of this movie?

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Hi everyone,
I need your help. In 1996 0r 1997 I watched a movie about a married couple (maybe they were lovers) they were in a house like they went to honeymoon. the man was getting worse and his wife was trying to escape from that home(but she couldn’t do.) she was pregnant and one day she tried to hurt herself with a dress hanter(from her stomatch) then they turned back where they live. the man started to following her wife from opposite house. one day he called her wife, because a pillow closed the baby’s face. like this. sorry for my bad english because it’s not my mother tongue

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no, the man was watching the women’s home from opposite building. he noticed this then called women and said the pillow fell of the baby’s face. ı can’t remember where the film was :/ but thank you for your answer

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Are you saying the mother killed the baby? You said, “the pillow closed the baby’s face” so I’m just trying to understand that part. Also do you know where the film was made? Is it a United States film?

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