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What’s the name of this movie??

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I’m trying to figure out the name of the movie, so basically in this one scene girl 1 really likes this guy, she’s goes to a party or a dance or something and sees him and another girl (girl 2) is kissing him. Shocked and angry she runs off but then the camera goes back to them and the guy is shocked and mad at girl 2 for kissing him because he actually likes girl 1. He runs after girl 1 to explain it and says something like “it’s not what it looked like she kissed me but I told her I’m dating you” or something like that. Please help me, any help is appreciated!!! I believe it’s a teen/rom-com type movie

Nasa Posted new comment Dec 13, 2020

Hey men,first sorry i don’t know the name of this movie,but if you could or i don’t know maybe you tried but if you did not try this in imbd and search in this link,in here you can search better, › search
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