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What’s the name of this movie

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I don’t remember a lot , but it’s a movie where Jackie Chan rescues dead bodies , probably of his friends out of an exploding/burning building on a wheelbarrow

ZeroWasteAlice Answered question Oct 20, 2020

Mr. Nice Nice (1997)?

This website describes Jackie Chan movie moments and his movies and mentions a wheelbarrow:

Playing a TV Chef who inadvertently gets caught up with an Italian street gang, Chan is once again forced to rescue his girlfriend. Tracking them to a construction site, he battles the thugs in a maze of blue doors, before almost getting shredded by circular saws! In full Jackie Chan style, he uses a wide variety of unconventional objects to defend himself. Topping it all off, he’s eventually thrown off the building in a wheelbarrow!

ZeroWasteAlice Edited answer Oct 20, 2020