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Whats the name of this fantasy movie from early 2010s

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I am pretty sure that this aired on TV in between 2013 and 2015, it was definitely a fantasy movie, This is a description of the only scene of the movie that I can remember, There was this guy, and he was some kind of adventurer or explorer, and he was imprisoned. I am pretty sure it was underground, but anyways there were a bunch of other people imprisoned with him, and they were all really rich, i’m pretty sure most of them were wearing turbans, and they had long robes, and then somebody comes and asks him for some kind of tribute, and he gives them a *insert fantasy country name* hornet stinger, and then it’s accepted or something so he’s brought to a separate room kind of like a small colosseum, and there are a bunch of girls (and only girls) seated on the different rows watching him, and it has this fountain in the middle, like the picture I have (hopefully) attached. And then this lady tells him to drink from it, and I think she says it will give him eternal life or some kind of magical benefit, but then he looks around at all the different girls seated around the room, and then i’m pretty sure one of them coughs up some blood and he realizes what it does or something, and then maybe theres an action scene, but that’s all I remember, also It was definitely a pretty old movie, and it was life action not animated.

Zapeta Asked question Nov 19, 2020