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what’s the name of these kung fu movies?

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This first movie starts out with a group of kids fighting crickets, one of the kids is accused of cheating and then they all start fighting, during the fight one of them dies and when that happens the uncles find out and go after the kid who killed him, lines from the movie that I remember;(I can dodge Chans kicks, maybe the first one but not the second one) eventually after a bunch of tries and getting stuck inside some kind of sauna that covers your entire body only leaving his head out, and training his body to be invincible, and after his mom isn’t sick anymore, he holds a tournament where he fights them, Chan a master of kicks and the other guy master of punches together they are extremely deadly pair of fighters, when the tournament is over they are dead and the kid, his sister or girlfriend, and his mom walk away and then the credits begin. The second movie is about a man who’s father mixed martial arts and boxing together, throughout the movie he fights a bunch of people, even getting knocked down and when he got knocked down he has a memory where his father says to him; (Don’t let anyone beat you.) he falls in love, his best friend betrays him, then saves him, the woman he falls in love with gets kidnapped, he finds her on a ship, kills a bunch of people, and in the end the woman takes a dagger and stabs the man through herself while he’s holding her, he wins and then the credits role, there’s even a point in the movie where a chicken gets burnt. Please help.

moviewatchingfool Posted new comment Sep 14, 2020

The second Kung Fu movie where martial arts and boxing are mixed together is called The Street Fight (1974)

The first Kung Fu movie is called Punch of Death