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Whats the name of a movie? (through a description of the trailor)


Hey, I’ve been trying to find a movie through the description a trailer I have watched a couple of years ago. ->

•It starts with a girlfriend and her boyfriend in their apartment and her wanting them to go on a walk together although it’s already dark. He reluctantly agrees and they go outside. They get attacked by a man with a gun, him wanting their valuables. She wants to give them to him but her boyfriend tries to fight the attacker. The two men get thrown on the ground and the attacker loses his gun. He tries to kill the boyfriend with a knife and the boyfriend shouts at his girlfriend to pick up the gun and shoot the attacker. She picks up the gun, fires but misses and hits her boyfriend instead.
It cuts to (what I presume is) a mental hospital, with her sitting on a bed looking crazed and in a state of shock.(she might be holding a weapon but I’m not sure).

Thanks for your ideas!

Ariiea Asked question Apr 24, 2021