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What’s the movie where a teenager gets a job as a producer w/ a record label? (Late 90s/Early 00s)


Here’s what I remember:

This movie is about a “cool” teen who gets a job as a producer with a record label.

IIRC, there’s a record executive (adult, George Carlin-type) who needs a big win because his label isn’t doing well. He sets up some kind of a phone booth on the street where kids can come and record video messages or something? I’m not totally sure. But a cool kid and his friends go into the booth and start talking about the music they like. The kid says something about Neil Young (something like “I never thought he brought much to Crosby, Stills, and Nash.”) The record exec, overhearing this very tired opinion, is suddenly struck by inspiration: What if I hired a kid? So he does.

The kid discovers a band and they have a fun time in the studio, as shown in a montage of them doing goofy teenager stuff while rocking out. The next morning, the other (adult) music producers show up and find the studio a mess. Then they find a napkin with a record deal written on it. They get pissed at the kid. “Did you give a copy of this to the band??” they ask. He did. Everyone’s mad.

That’s all I remember, though I’m guessing the band turns out to be a hit and the kid is totally redeemed.

I think this movie was made around the year 2000. I definitely watched it before 2005.

ALSO, I know that this movie is NOT Empire Records or Almost Famous.

Does anyone know the name of this movie? I can’t find any evidence that it exists, but I know it’s real.

Maxx Answered question Mar 28, 2022

What about “That Thing You Do” or “Almost Famous”?

mulcahey Posted new comment Mar 28, 2022

Thanks for the suggestions! I can rule out “That Thing You Do” because my mystery film is set in the 90s/00s. And, as I stated in the original post, I know it’s not Almost Famous.