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What’s the movie? Desert siege without water

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I want to know the name of the movie. I hope you can help me.
What I remember:
On some point of the movie there is a siege on fortress in the desert and the soldiers inside of the fortress act that they have plenty of water. At the end a bomb hits the fortress and then there is plenty of water.
Thanks in advance

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“Sahara” (1995)
Detailed plot on Wikipedia:

Quote from Wikipedia:

The well has completely dried up by then. A standoff and battle of wills begins between Gunn and Major von Falken (Alexander Petersons), the German commander. Gunn keeps up the pretense that the well has much water and negotiates to buy time.”

“Without a leader, the thirst-maddened Germans‘ final assault turns into a full-blown surrender as they drop their weapons and claw across the sand towards the well. Gunn discovers, to his shock, that a German shell that exploded in the well has tapped into a source of water.

This 1995 movie is a remake of “Sahara”(1943) with the same plot:

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