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What’s my movie

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All I remember from the movie is: a father who messes with a gang of criminals, one of the members wears a bandana. The main character is in his basement or somewhere else under the ground with a black old man. The bad gang goes to his house to catch his little daughter and son. The kids are in a sleeping room with a tv on. The father tell his children to hide in their car. He kills the bad gang and then his car explodes. The main character thinks his two children are dead but then they show up and he hugs them. That’s the final scene. Please name the movie. Thanks.

Filmfind Answered question Dec 23, 2017

It sounds like one of the Death Wish sequels.

casspir Posted new comment Feb 12, 2018

I checked all five Death Wish movies, and none of them ends as described by the questioner.