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What was this film about how only real art can come from pain?

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Repeat of an earlier question as I really want to know. Remove if inappropriate. This film is about a man, an aspiring artist, who somehow comes to understand that true art comes from suffering and pain and that, as he has never endured hardship in his life, he cannot then ever create true art. He then goes out in search of suffering and making himself suffer so as to gain understanding and the ability to create true art. It is not Sullvian’s Travels, which has a similar premise and is a great film in its own right.

BuckAhRue Answered question Jul 24, 2022

Is it a horror movie?

The first thing I thought of was Velvet Buzzsaw (

or Devil’s Candy (

*Update* : I also vaguley remember seeing a short film (could have been part of an anothology), where an artist makes a deal with an entity/demon, in disguise, to be an extraordinary painter through their suffering. However I can’t remember where I had seen it.

SpeightM09 Posted new comment Jul 25, 2022

No, neither of those are what I’m thinking of, but thanks though, those do look entertaining haha