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What movie is this scene from?

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It was a tv movie and a girl has gone missing the mother is out looking for her. An old couple who own a house invite 2 boys and a girl who are friends into their house. One of the boys is being drugged by the old couple to make him perfect and want to stay there forever. The girl knows about it. One of the friends gets murdered and the last scene of the movie we find out the old Woman tells us they are buried in the garden. The mother comes over from the 1st girl who went missing looking for her but the old couple smile and say she went home or something like it. I don’t know the actors it is an American film that came out after 1996 or around that time. I can’t remember much only the old couple saying the gardens roots are growing better now. The old woman also says the bones are buried in the garden.

Swervy Edited question Dec 12, 2021