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What movie is this?


So this guy goes to a bar and gets alcohol spilled on him so his girl kicks him out thinking he’d been drinking. She won’t let him explain. (I think he was maybe breaking up a fight or something when it happened). Pretty sure he was meeting someone at the bar/restaurant when it happened too. He goes there a couple times. The waitress at the bar is seen leaving with different men and she’s called DD (pretty sure it was even on her name tag) so he assumes shes a hooker. And he even hints at it to her. But turns out she’s a designated driver and she sets him straight about that and he apologizes for assuming. He and she start spending time together after that and I think they fall in love.

ShellG Edited comment Apr 18, 2022

What genre was it?
When was it released approximately?

I’m really not sure. I remember watching it sometime when I was in highschool 2009-2013. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an older movie when I saw it. Probably a romance or drama genre. It’s been driving me crazy trying to remember it for years now.