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What movie is this


So in the beginning of the movie humanity makes super like soldiers whatever and everyone has a gun that has like a DNA chip and I’m so they can only use the gun right so the super soldiers of course turn on humanity and basically wipes everyone else except for a couple people and this one guy‘s ex soldier and he hides in the base are like a the house type church thing and he goes on with his life until one day there’s a car with people in it and it goes down the road and it flips and one of the people escape and they link up and then they figure out how to destroy the whole robots and everything so they go to the building and it destroy it but then again they get out and then there’s this like advance soldier or whatever has like super social psych read armor and he has a sword and everything in a battle it out in super soldiers losers and he takes after mass just to find out that he’s like human like

Kickbobby Posted new comment Jul 24, 2022

Direction “Universal Soldiers”? I admit, I have difficulties to understand your text properly. 🙁