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What is this movie called?


The movie is in black and white. The scene is a funeral. There’s a man lying in an open coffin. There are persons or an organization somewhere that believe the man might be faking, and is not really dead, so three men take turns going up to the coffin to test the man’s state, in increasing levels of difficulty. The first man sneezes. (Sneezing is contagious so if the man in the coffin were faking maybe he would feel a strong urge to sneeze.) The second man has some sort of small device that he holds under the dead man’s nose to check for breathing. Finally, the third man comes up to the coffin and his test is by far the most savage and thorough. He plunges a sharp pin of some sort into the dead man, then, after no reaction, walks away. I’ve always remembered this scene so clearly but I’ve never been able to find the movie or tv episode it belongs to and it irks me. And another thing. I BELIEVE, that the third man was played by Allan Melvin. But I don’t know if I’m just imagining that part. I’d much appreciate if anyone could help. Many thanks in advance for your time.

Ariana Edited question Dec 22, 2021