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I have been searching for this film for years with no luck. I think it was made around the early 90’s and is set in the 1920’s.
From what I can remember it is set in the time around the wall street crash. The film charts the rise of a young financial investor and his mission to take down the ‘king of the market’, who is a much older man who looks a bit like the character ‘Goldfinger’ from the 007 movies. The lead character is dark haired and I think he has a moustache. After beating his rival by shorting his stock he removes all his shares and investments just before the crash, thereby beating the market.
A memorable scene is a stockbroker trying to sell his car in the street outside the bank, and his banker begging him for a 5 million dollar loan to stop him from going broke, which isn’t provided.
I think there is also a scene where you see a ruined investor zoom past the window.
I think the film ends with the lead character boarding his yacht to sail off into the sunset, but he is shot whilst boarding.
I think the title has something to do with wood, driftwood or the beach or coast, but I can’t be sure.

mrgeejayel Asked question Sep 6, 2020