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What is this dog movie? I’ve been searching for too long please help

419 views#3 Othera boy and his dog Dogs

I remember this movie that I watched when I was somewhere around 8-13. It had to have been produced before 2015 for sure but more than likely before 2013. I remember it’s vaguely about a boy who is undisciplined or something and his dad gets him a dog to teach him respect or something along those lines. The one scene I vividly remember is the boy is walking home and some older boys invite him to hang out but say the dog can’t come. So he tells the dog to sit/stay and later when he gets home he doesn’t have the dog so they go back to get the dog and it’s sitting in the pouring rain still waiting for the boy to come back. I also remember the boy started working doing yard work or something for someone but not 100% sure what it was. Please help!

Chisco Answered question Jun 8, 2022