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What is this baseball movie?


I am looking for the title of a movie that I can only remember minimal details. Here is what I remember:

The main character was a Hispanic teenager who played baseball. His family was from a bit of a poverty stricken neighborhood with crime, so him being good as baseball was his “way out.” He had 2 friends that he hung out with and they would ride boats around canals – I think it took place somewhere like Florida. The one friend became involved in some crime and started to bring the main character into it, so the main character was struggling between baseball & crime. I also feel like I remember the friend getting shot, but I may be mixing that up. The cover of the movie on Netflix was a shot of the boy on the speed boat they rode around in. Please help!!

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Apr 20, 2022

i have dug a lot for this. are we sure it is baseball? post 2000 film?