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What is the title of the movie where it starts off with a boy that is adopted by a rich family but is mistreated by his step brother but has a relationship with his step sister. The step brother then is sent away to go to school while the adopted don’t and his sister stay home. The step brother then comes back after hearing his dad’s death and still mistreats his step brother.By the way when the son comes back the children are now older. The adopted son is tired of be whipped so he leaves to go somewhere different. For the sister feeling bad for her step brother who she felled in love with she married a man to get his money and give it to her step brother. But then a couples of years go by and the step brother comes back rich but realizes that his step sister who he was in loved with was with a different man already so he was mad. He then gets his sister’s husband’s sister pregnant. The near ending is when he has his son marry his step sister’s daughter. The ending is when he dies in the house that he used to live in with the rich family. It shows his step sister’s spirit walking up to him and of course he see this because he is dead too oh and btw I think he died of old age or I think he killed himself but his stepsister died of a cold that could be cure. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE I WANT TO REWATCH IT.

Rumor13 Answered question Mar 7, 2018

Seriously, this sounds like Wuthering Heights or it is a definite rip off. It’s based on the novel of the same name by one of the Bronte girls. It’s been made to film several times and is a literary classic. My high school English class had to read this book.

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