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What is the title of this movie from the 80s

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Hi all,

For the life of me, I cannot recall the title of a movie that I watched repeatedly in the 80s and am hoping you can help me out.

As I recall, it was a romance movie probably targeted at teenage audience, set in current time (1985ish). I remember there being a high-class party being thrown at a country club or prestigious home with a dance floor. There was a young girl who ended up falling in love with the (I believe) piano player that was hired to play at the party. He may have even serenaded her with a song but I do not recall for sure. The movie title may have just been the girl’s name if I am not mistaken, but that too, I am not positive.

Sorry there is not much to go on – any help is appreciated

Emanresu Posted new comment Aug 30, 2020

“Peggy Sue got married” popped in to my head, I’m not sure he plays a piano though