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What is the title of this 1990’s-2000’s teenage sex comedy

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please for the love of god help me

Okay so back in like probably 2012, I watched this coming of age/teenage sex comedy and for the love of everything I can’t remember the title and google has been no help.

From what I remember of the plot, it’s a teenage kid who meets this girl and he really wants her to take his virginity. Basically she invites him over, and it turns out she hired a stripper/prostitute to sleep with him. He explains he wants to bang her not the stripper yadda yadda yadda. They have sex (I think) (there’s a hot tub scene I remember that) but then he wakes up. He slipped and fell in his kitchen hit his head and dreamt it all. He goes over the girls house and the events start playing out exactly like they did in his dream and that’s the end.

Thank you in advance

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That’s it! Thank you so much!!!