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What is the title of the 80s movie about killer hair?


So, in this move a middle aged man is losing his hair & he can’t take it. One night while watching TV he sees an infomercial that statesv that this new hair growth product is guaranteed to make his hair grow basically over night. Bring desperate he ordered a bottle.

When it arrives he instantly uses it. When he go to sleep, he wakes up with a head full of hair. He loves it. But what he doesn’t know is that while he sleep, his hair is removing itself from his head & things one on murder sprees.

Tim Answered question Mar 5, 2022

One of the stories in Body Bags (1993) is somewhat similar.


I vaguely remember a comical episode of Spielberg’s Amazing Stories in 1986 about a killer toupee. It crawled around and it murdered people. I went through the episode guide at imdb and found it. That episode was named Hell Toupee. Maybe not what you are looking for though since it is about a toupee and not a hair growth product. Your question is driving me nuts because I keep thinking I saw a different horror anthology show from that same period that was about a hair growth product that had some sort of disastrous result. I watched a lot of horror anthologies though in the 1980’s. Some show like Tales from the Dark Side, Tales from the Crypt, The New Twilight Zone, The Hitchhiker. Hope if this isn’t the right answer, someone else will know what it was, because now I am curious to know the answer too.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Mar 6, 2022

That’s a good try but no, like I was a kid like I was probably five or six when I seen it and like I’m not sure what made him like get to that point of buying that product but he stayed up all night watching TV depressed and the infomercial came on and he picked up the phone made his order arrived the next day and he put it on his head when he went to sleep his hair started to grow. That next morning he was surprised to see it in the mirror like he started putting this his fingers through it and everything and like everybody started paying him more attention but when he went to sleep the next night his hair grew more and the next night more but he called the people and we’re asking them what was in the product but they kept saying it was like natural and would not well that night when he went to sleep his hair grew too like extremely and I slipped out the door and just started killing people like straight and murdering people it terrified my little six year old ass. Like I wish I could remember the name of it but I can’t. It’s just like that freaking movie about the cat the black cat that suck the life out of people and at the very end it went into some old dude my body through his mouth and like when when he died and his daughter was someone found him they were like shocked to see that his stomach was moving and a cat crawled on his mouth that made me hate cats so like I really wish I knew his name is hair movie was

Just realized that the other anthology show I was trying to remember — the one about the overnight cure for baldness that went very bad for the guy who ordered it — was already identified by someone as a comment above. I think the miracle hair in that one was little snake-like alien creatures. So I guess I have nothing. I hope someone can help you find the right title.

Legion, I think Tales from the darkside is the cat one.