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What is the name of this science fiction film?

1.33K views#1 MoviesProbably a sci-fi sci-fi

I remember this surreal sci-fi film that ended when a Christ-like figure appears at the end to defeat the antagonist. The Christ like figure appears to be a hermaphrodite with a vagina. I can’t, for the life of me, remember it’s name. I remember loving its bonkers weirdness but it will probably look terrible now. It was either the 70’s or 80’s. Can’t be more precise than that.

Tim Answered question Feb 10, 2021

I’m pretty sure you are looking for Larry Cohen’s fantastically weird cult science fiction film from 1976, God Told Me To. It is about am extremely faithful Roman Catholic police detective who is investigating a series of bizarre murder/suicides in New York City. Throughout the city, perfectly ordinary people are going on killing sprees. When the police close in, and the detective asks them why they did it, they announce that “God Told Me To”, and then kill themselves.

The cop eventually discovers that each of the killers had some connection to a messianic cult leader, who seems to be able to control his followers and force them to do his will. The detective interviews the cult leader’s mother. She claims to have been a virgin when she gave birth, and that she was abducted and impregnated by aliens. She attacks the officer and is killed. That meeting stirs up feelings about his own past. He too was adopted. He delves into his own adoption records, and discovers the identity of his birth mother. She made similar claims of alien abduction.

The detective finally tracks down the cult leader in an abandoned building. All this time, the cult leader has been drawing the detective towards this meeting. He explains that they share a very special blood bond. The cult leader lowers his cloak revealing that he is indeed a hemaphrodite — he has both male and female sex organs. He wants to mate with the detective, who is his brother.

This synopsis can’t begin to do the film justice. I think if you watch it again, you won’t be disappointed. Larry Cohen was an incredibly talented writer/director who made many well-regarded low-budget films, but God Told Me To is perhaps my favorite. (Or possibly my second favorite, since I am equally crazy about his first feature, a black comedy about 1960’s race relations, Bone.)

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