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What is the name of this sci-fi movie that I can’t seem to find?

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hey fellow movie lovers,

Hope everybody will be doing just fine, taking the pandemic in consideration.

I remember watching a sci-fi movie about a separate place/planet in which everything runs systematically. The basic human feelings have been shut down with some medication. Regular medical check-ups, specific costumes, meal pills, grounding infected people, etc are depicted during the film. It was like a fancy prison. The hero falls in love with a girl and resists medications to feel love and eventually they both break out.

– I may be wrong about some things. But overall the movie plays like that in my head.
– I thought it was Jeremy Renner’s movie, but when I searched it wasn’t.
– The movie was white all over that I definitely remember the costumes, the walls, the environment. White is the dominant color.
– When I searched similar movies, I felt ex-machina was the closest similar movie although I haven’t seen it.

Can somebody help me? I really want to find the movie.

Thanks in advance.

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pori Selected answer as best May 6, 2021

The Island (2005)

pori Selected answer as best May 6, 2021

Are you thinking of Equilibrium with Christian Bale?

Badthoughts Posted new comment May 4, 2021

I found it. It’s The Island. 😀

Ah cool, glad you found it ^.^