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What is the name of this movie? Early 2000’s “horror” movie…

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I watched a movie on cable back in 2009. I watched it once, and only remember the genre it listed was horror. Here are a few things I remember about it, and hope that someone can help me.

The opening scene is in a diner…just a man talking to a woman. He is waxing on about the virtues of small-town America. As the camera pans around, you see that everyone in the diner has been shot. All the patrons, cooks, etc. You can hear cops surrounding the place. Eventually, they bust out the front door and the scene freezes.

Another scene is the woman busting the guy out of a police van, and they begin fleeing. They stop in a hotel where she tells him of the difficulty of living with him in prison. He goes into the bathroom and sees “MURDERER” in blood on the walls.

In another scene, they are driving down a desert road, they stop at a gas station and while she’s in the bathroom, a guy goes in there, hits on her, and she kills him.

It’s a bit of a psychological horror, where he devolves into madness throughout the movie…

No actors or actress were recognizable as anyone I remember seeing in other films. Maybe only 4 or 5 people really have lines in the movie.

Any ideas would be helpful. I’d love to find this movie again, although if I do, I’m afraid I won’t think it’s as good as I did before. Ha!

srodriguez7575 Asked question Jan 30, 2022