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What is the name of this movie about AI robot people taking over the world?


I remember seeing this movie as a kid (I am 21 now so probably 2012 or earlier) but barely remember anything about it. My general understanding of the plot (which could be wrong) is that the world was taken over by AI robots that looked just like real humans, and that there was a diminishing amount of real humans left. The most distinct scene in my memory is one where one of the main characters, a dark-haired woman (who was actually a robot lady), cuts open the skin on her arm to reveal the machinery underneath to our main character guy, a human man. I think his arm was also cut, revealing blood instead of machinery, and this was kind of dramatic. After this I think the robot woman does something in order to hide or protect the human guy so that the other robots don’t find out he is a real human? These two characters might’ve also had romantic feelings for each other, but I’m not 100% certain on that.
It all feels like a fever dream honestly so it would be great if somebody could help me figure this out!

leos.verner Answered question Feb 12, 2022

I think that this is one epizode of “The Outer Limits” serie. My personal best robot-woman epizodes are 1SE03 – Valerie 23 and 4SE11 – Mary 25 🙂 If I find your part, write here …

leos.verner Edited answer Feb 13, 2022