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What is the name of this movie?

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Ok so this movie started with a group of people all separate on a van catching a ride together. They were drugged and the van crashed and a guy was vlogging. They tried to walk out of the woods and kept ending up in the same spot. There is a house with red lighting. In the middle of the night cult rituals happen where people with antlers cut off parts of their face. The only girl left surviving escapes and finds out it was all a movie someone filmed and then she kill’s herself.

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pori Selected answer as best Jul 30, 2022

I vaguely remember something like this. Could you give more details? When did you first watch this movie (2009-2019)? Was there an actual creature/monster reveal in it? When the final girl escapes, did she flee from a house in the woods or some form of a facility maze building?

*Edit/Update* : Was it House of 9 (2005) ? :