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What is the name of this movie?


I’m missing the name of a movie I watched on Netflix around 2017-2018. I think it was a long kind of name but I know/remember the plot very well. The plot is- a girl who somehow predicts and prepares for the end of the world. She turned her room into a bunker and wears a green army vest all the time. She gets set up with a tutor? Or she is the tutor for this guy whom becomes her only friend. He later finds out about her worries and still sticks around and even tries to reunite her with her childhood best friend who ended friendship between them because of the girls obsession with the end of the world. I know the end scene is the 3 of them (main girl, main guy and the best friend) jump into a pool in a end of the world party. Cause in the end the girl was right and the end was going to happen.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jan 31, 2022