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What is the name of this movie???

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It’s starts off looking at Thisbe huge spacecraft in the sky. The people send kids children small up to a teenager to a planet infested with “monsters”. There was a story that a kid with 13/11 marks on his arm would be the hero. That teen was a long blonde haired white dude. The main characters were the blonde, a brown haired white teen, and an Asian teen trying to find the antidote for a white girl who got attacked by a monster. There are a whole group of kids on the planet, and the brown haired looks like the leader. As they try to find the antidote, the trio find a monster and try to kill it. Once it seems dead it stops a toy. The Asian sees the toy and she backs out for some reason. Soon the brown haired dude gets taken away by the monsters. The blonde goes back to the the group of kids where he started off with and sees that they all been taken away by the monsters. The blonde gets angry and kills a bunch of monsters. Then he sleeps on the floor only to be waken up by a new brown hair kid who asked a lot of questions. Soon they get the asian girl back and find the “antidote”. The antidote wasn’t real. If you drink it you become a monster. The brown hair dude from the beginning drank it and became a really stronge monster, except he still looked like himself. The blonde realized “to kill a monster, you need to become one” he drinks the antidote and they fight. A huge building falls on the blonde. He can’t carry it, but the brown haired dude helps him carry it, but sacrifices himself in doing so. The new kid, the Asian and the blonde find the space craft again and relize it’s not what they thought it was. At the end they each pulled down their sleeve and showed their marks on their arm. The new kid thought the Asian would have so many since she was so cool and can defend herself, but she had no marks. They all put their arms with the marks on it in the air in front of the huge spacecraft. WHAT IS THIS MOVIE I CANT FIND IT.

EmeraldMC8 Asked question Jan 2, 2018