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What is the name of this movie

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It is a late 70s begin 80s movie i gess. made in the USA
A undercover agent is busy finding drugs in a photo cabin, some where in a long hall.. A men with black leaderjacket and black hair with pony tail comes stabs him with a long nife and shoots him with a shotgun and go.s.. he has a strange nose.. and strange face.
Later 2 jung undercover cops ? Go on a lead to a small country side small city, on there road there they see a jung woman drive a horse at the side off the road in the landscape. Later they meet her in a bar and speak with here.. she ask what they do up there one off then tells they are carbigs men.
Then something about a electric device stuck at the inside off the leg of the horse with drugs.. have to do with short strait horse races.. after using to much of it the horse falls on the floor. The officer go.s in the horse stables and looks where he can find the drugs.
Thats all I now about the movie I have been looking now for several years bud can’t find it.

Thanks a lot if some one can tell me the name off the movie.

Frank Asked question Apr 1, 2021