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What is the name of this children’s, g-pg, animated, and funny movie?


The movie is about a boy’s futuristic-ish world that is struggling with their form of pollution. These red blobs are created by the machines they use and the country is working on a blue-colored reactor that would solve the pollution problem. The father likes the technology, but after the little boy meets some friends, including this weird lady with rings around her neck, he realizes that the blue reactor will not be good for the world and stands up to his father, telling him the truth. The characters are humans and the movie is made for children, is animated, and has been made at most 25 years ago, but would not have come out in the past 7 years (1995-2015 possible release date). There are other parts of the movie, where the characters ride on a roller coaster transportation system, or meet the weird lady’s village that lives in the woods. Help me find the name of this movie!

MajMajAwesome Posted new comment May 1, 2022

Sorry, that isn’t it