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What is the name of the movie

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All i can remember is watching it in was about a couple of teenagers looking for mayan artifacts in a coastal region.we watched it in parts might of been episodes

Abba Posted new comment Jul 29, 2022

Oohhh…. I think I remember this : was it like specifically educational, like you would watch it but then there would be like work sheets and stuff to do with it, and the kids were trying to find the artifacts before the pirates or the “bad guy thieves” would get to them so that they could be preserved instead of sold?

If it’s the same thing please let me know! I would have seen this in like 1996!


Could it be a game show? Maybe this one?:

[Legends] encourages kids to use both mental and physical capabilities as they trek through a Mayan ruin searching for legendary artifacts.

casspir Answered question Feb 3, 2022