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What is the name of the low budget movie described below?


The movie is about a young man, perhaps a teenager, who meets a blonde woman and falls for her. The woman has self-destructive behavior and an abusive brother. The woman and her brother frequent a virtual reality game that the brother uses for illegal activities. The young man follows the woman around with a motorcycle or scooter. The young man finds out about the virtual reality game and contacts the woman in the game after managing to gain access to her. While in the game they look like video game characters and they spend time together on a beach. The woman’s brother finds out about them and impersonates his sister in the game. Eventually the woman commits suicide by jumping of a building. I’m not sure about the year the movie was released, but it’s not before 2005 and not after 2019. I think the title of the movie is either the name of the virtual reality game or of the woman. Please help me identify the movie. Thank you.

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Thank you very much. This is the movie.

You’re welcome