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What is the name of that film

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In that film (as I could remember) there was two girlfriends and one boyfriend.

First girlfriend was missed. In that time she was pregnant. Its like She was hiding in somewhere but she couldn’t come out. Then she tried to killed herself with her baby in the womb.

Anyhow there was another girl. She knew what happen to the first girl but she didn’t tell it to boy.

Finally boy discovered that first girl was still living. Then boy tried to find out her from where she was hiding

but second girl was disturbed to him… second girl and boy quarreled and they were shooting to each other.

Then boy call to police and tell them to come with ambulance. Then when second girl was trying shoot the boy but first girl came and shooted to second girl. Second girl was dead.

The police came and carried first girl and boy to hospital.

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