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what is the name of an astronaut that ages when he lands back on earth

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little boy found him in a pod or warehouse, brought him home

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This sounds very much like Forever Young except for one detail.
In Forever Young, Mel Gibson plays a test pilot (not an astronaut) who volunteers to be a test subject in a military cryogenics experiment. The year is 1939. The love of his life is in a comma and doctors are certain she will soon die. Mel agrees to be frozen for one year because he cannot bare to watch her die. But the government abandons the project and Mel is somehow forgotten about. More than fifty years later, in 1992, two boys sneak into an old military warehouse to play. They stumble upon Mel’s cryogenic pod and open it and Mel is revived. One of the boys, played by Elijah Wood, takes him home. His single mother is played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Mel and Jamie begin to develop feelings for one another, but Mel begins to rapidly age and is dying. They discover that the love of his youth did not die in 1939, and they race to reunite Mel with the now old woman before he dies.

pori Selected answer as best Nov 28, 2020