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What is the movie name?

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I remember watching a movie about a girl who falls in love with an enemy soldier (I believe to be German). I believe the soldier is staying with her. The pivotal scene I remember is the soldier goes to get into a car with his men and the girl distracts him, the other men hope in the car and it blows up when the engine is started. I thought it was Suite Francaise but it’s not. Please help.

Deewee Posted new comment May 29, 2021

Louise’s Diary (sorry)


Maybe this one?

Les amours secrètes
1h 25min

Cast & crew

Louis’s Diary (2010)
Jean, an elderly Jewish man, pores over the diary of his sister Sarah written during the German occupation of France in 1942. Sarah is young, beautiful and in love. The object of her affection is Hans, a German officer pressured into joining the SS by his overbearing father. Hans rejects the Nazi ideolog… Read all

Deewee Answered question May 29, 2021