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What is the movie in where the Earth gets transported into another solar system by aliens.

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ok so I don’t know if this movie is from the US or from another country, I don’t remember what language they spoke, I didnt see the movie but I say the ending of the movie from a youtube video that had clips of other action movies, what I do remember from the ending clip is that there are stong intelligent aliens that are going to destroy our solar system and the people of earth are finding a way to communicate to the aliens to let them live and the way that they accomplish this is by this cube thing, so in the end, this guy gets the cube thing to the aliens and then the aliens understand that earth is worth saving so then they (the aliens) teleport to earth and everyone in it to a completely different solar system in the goldy locks zone and next to earth is another planet that looks like it may be able to support life (looks like the earth) and so people start sending their rockets to the planet to possibly explore and colonize, and that’s where the movie ends. I don’t know how much I have right or if I made some of these things up by confusing them with other memories. I hope someone can help me find this movie. Good Luck.

casspir Answered question Dec 12, 2020

Maybe “Ice Planet” (2001)?

Quote from the above Wikipedia page:
“The movie ends as the ice planet is transported through another space rift into a different solar system having four moons—the same moons previously seen in a vision by Professor Rumla.”

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