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What is name of this series? please help me im desperate

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There is a tv series, I think on Disney+, but it might not be. The tv series is about a boy band, I don’t remember the name of the characters but maybe Nate and Oliver and then someone else. They play guitar and theres just a lot of stuff going on. At the start, there was like this woman who was in charge of the band but the boy band lost in a contest against the girl band so the woman started being in charge of the girl band… I think. Well, I think I remember a girl working for the boy band but I dont remember what her name was but the girl band starts getting closer to the boy band and we see more of the girl band than we saw before. I don’t remember that many episodes but I think I remember two just a little. They were cooking for something and it went into a disaster. Also the boy band works on the second floor of a restaurant because they don’t have anywhere to practice. I never finished the show so I don’t know what happened that much but I do remember one boy in the boy band started dating a girl in the girl band. I’m very certain that happened in the show. The boy who started dating the girl in the girl band also snuck onto the girl band’s rv? truck? idk. But he did and the girl he was dating tried to hide him but then the boy falls out of the hiding spot, he was hiding on a bed maybe? idk. But anyways, the woman sees it and starts getting angry, but she was always mean anyways and she didnt let the girls in the girl band do certain stuff but they stood up for theirselves in the end. Wow, that was long. Please I’m desperate to find this show also is it a tv series if its on disney+? does that still count as a tv series? whatever peepee poopoo please help me

peepee poopoo Posted new comment Aug 1, 2022

Sorry, its not in the list