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What is movie serie name or film

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Hey guys! I was wondering is ot possible to find a name of certain movie episode or film?
The plot or story was something like this:
In a trip in latin america a group of people was being captured by latino partisan or rebels.The rebel commander ask then for some one of the captured to sacrifice own closest person to be saved others from shooting. But no one was agreed. So, while in every hour one person was shooted behind the big gray wall, the commander kept asking the same horrifing thing. There was a father with a boy in this movie(episode). The commander asked the father – Will he be willing to sacrifice its own son to save the lives of many innocent to be shooted. The father said No! So, the shooting of the people behind the wall continued. Then the father realised the fact that every one will die in this sitiation. More over, there were other young boys. And finally this father with deep suffer agreed to his son to be shooted – to stop all other shootings.
The partisans took off the boy behind the gray wall – and after few secconds the sound of shots split the air.
After that – all previously “killed” people came out of the gray wall!
There was no real shooting of people.
In the front of wide opened eyes the comander said to the unbelieving father who had embraced his son:
– So, this is our ideal we fighting for – to sacrifice our own personal things in the name of comunity

I’ll be very happy is someone helpe me out to find the name of this movie(episode)
Thanks in advance

olamovie Asked question Dec 27, 2017