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What comedy is this?

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I remember watching a movie when I was a little kid. I think it was around 2004 or 2005. I only remember one scene from it.

There was this African American man who had a really long ,string-like neck. His neck kept wiggling in a cartoonish manner. As it did this, the guy was just smiling. After that, it showed this other man, who was also African American, watching him. The man looked freaked out. After that, he walked away. The next scene showed him speaking to this woman. He might of been telling her what he saw. I faintly remember him saying something like, “It’s for real.” I also think the woman was lying in bed. The woman was also African American.

That’s all I remember. Does anyone know what movie this is? It looked like a goofy comedy.And just to be clear, it wasn’t a cartoon. The people were live-action. Just to make things easier, here is a link to a picture that I drew of the guy with the neck.

Does anybody know what movie this is? If someone does, please let me know.

Seth996 Posted new comment Jan 20, 2018

Your hyperlink doesn’t work.

I decided to repost it. The link should work this time.