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Weirdest movie ever

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I saw a movie about a year ago that I believe is a older movie and i would consider it a b rated movie because its a low budget movie. The movie starts out with a man running thru the woods and he runs a cross a naked woman andshe starts screaming like he’s hurting her but he didn’t and then he’s arrested for sexually abusing her and then he gets out of jail and he lives in the woods in the middle of nowhere in a abandoned shack and he’s walking and sees a car parked with the engine running on the side of the road and he peeks in the window and sees a couple having sex in the back seat but they don’t see him and he continues to watch as he master bates and then he walks back to his shack and the next morning he walks the same way as the night before and the vehicle is still parked there and the engine is still running and he looks in the window and sees the couple are still naked and dead and he gets in the vehicle and has sex with the dead woman and then he’s going to leave but instead he takes the dead woman home to his shack and he buys her a new dress and they have a date night and then the house burns down with her dead body in it and he’s devastated that his girlfriend burns up in this fire and I fell asleep and missed a lot of the movie and then I woke up to him being in the hospital and the town people formed a mob to find him because they was going to kill him but they wanted him to show them where the women was at that he killed, so he took them to a cave and while inside the cave he escaped thru a narrow opening and got away from them and he finally made it thru the cave and kicked his way thru the earth and it ended with him making it out into a empty field with nothing or nobody around. I am hoping that somebody can tell me what the name of this movie is.

Tamrapruitt Asked question Mar 28, 2021